Mcgills changesResidents of Marengo may have noticed that there is now an empty lot where the one story portion of the McGills factory used to be.

“The one story section was razed,” says Pastor Doc of the Marengo United Methodist Church which owns the property. “We plan to install a parking lot. We are unsure when yet because we are still raising the funds. The goal is to put a parking lot there that the city can use as well as the parishioners.”

“Fencing has been placed around that portion of the property for safety reasons,” says Chuck Andrews.

“Nothing has been decided yet for the two story portion,” Pastor Doc adds. “We don’t know how we will develop it.”

“Whatever we do,” Andrews tells me, “A lot of work and a lot of money will have to go into it.”

If you would like to make a donation, or for more information, visit the church’s Facebook page at Marengo United Methodist Church. The church is located at 119 E. Washington Street, Marengo, Illinois. You can also call 815.568.7162.


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