“We work about 250 acres,” says Cody Purdom. “Cody’s Farm will provide high quality, fresh home grown fruit and vegetables to our customers. This is a family business that values health, happiness of children, education and making family memories.”

Cody began selling sweet corn with his grandmother in 1992. Cody and his father installed a permanent farm stand in 1999. The business grew and today Cody’s Farm Fresh Vegetables are being sold in three other farm stand locations as well at Wayne’s Meat Market in Marengo, The Freeze in Crystal Lake and Bohn’s Ace Hardware in Woodstock.

Cody’s Farm has nurtured an apple orchard in the last few years. From a distance, the orchard looks surprisingly like a vineyard with trees planted in rows along a three-wire trellis. The branches are spread along, and supported by, the wires of the trellis. These trees will reach a height of about ten feet and will produce fruit within three years.

“In a Tall Spindle orchard you can pick fruit very quickly,” Darryl Bowen of Cody’s Farm tells me. Last year’s trees have apples. The Gold Rush trees planted in 2015 already have apples. Rows of Ida Red, Cameo, Fuji, Jonathon and Golden Delicious apples planted in 2013 are fruiting vigorously. So are the rows of Blondee, Gala and Honeycrisp apples planted in 2012.

“It is a working farm. It is truly a diversified farm,” Darryl Bowen of Cody’s Farm. “It has beef cattle field corn and soybeans besides vegetables. I don’t think anyone else can offer that.”

Cody’s Farm and Orchard will re-open in May. Further information on Cody’s Farm & Orchard as well as upcoming events can be found online at www.codysfarm.com Or you can visit their Facebook page at Cody’s Farm Fresh Vegetables.


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