The civil litigation filed by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office against 300 West LLC and Arnold Engineering, Inc. remains set for the next status hearing, following an Apr. 4 continuation that would give the state agency more time to review a 1,339-page report, submitted by the Marengo-based company. The report was submitted by the defendants in Mar., after a time-extension for its completion.

Entitled, “The Comprehensive Site Investigation and Remedial Objectives Report,” it outlines site contamination and the scope of mitigation with data regarding on- and offsite testing well locations and potential contaminant spread. The civil litigation, under docket# 13CH1046, was filed in 2013 by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office on behalf of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency stemming from groundwater contamination at the plant site.

Annie Thompson, press secretary for the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, said the companies had submitted the report ahead of a scheduled Mar. 8 trial date, and more time was required to review the documents.

The issue surfaced when Marengo crews attempted to install a well on Ritz Road and discovered the condition. In May 2010, Arnold retained a consultant group with monitoring wells to produce on-site samples. The subsequent findings detected concentrations of the vinyl chloride, PCE, TCE, and other carcinogens that contaminated private and commercial wells in the area of Ritz Road and Railroad Street.

As a remedial action, Arnold Magnetics Engineering, Inc., and its property holder, 300 West LLC did complete a Feb. 2016 agreement with the city of Marengo to pay for a water main along Railroad Street that connected with the municipal water system. It also allowed for a “no-fee” hookup for impacted well owners, and billing charges at the “in-town” rate with annexation.

“It’s slow going while they are getting easement access along the road, the main is in,” said Marengo city manager Josh Blakemore. “They’re still on the hook for the connections and the water main, as well as securing a letter of credit.”


Union-based INTREN has completed an acquisition and merger June 18 with the Miller Construction Company, Inc., in an effort to expand its marketplace base. INTREN is a specialty utility contractor and a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, as is Miller, a third-generation electrical contractor offering a full-service operation.

“With Miller Construction, we have found a culture match and an experienced execution partner…a company that shares our values and our vision of transforming the way business is done,” said Loretta Rosenmayer, INTREN founder and chairperson, in a statement. “Our goal is to not only build the best women-owned and women-controlled board, but to be the best overall solution-provider for our customers.”

 The press release further states, “Miller Construction’s 175 employees join INTREN’s 1,700-strong team to provide more to complete service offering through a wider geographic reach. Company President Andy Carmean will continue to oversee Miller activities, and will join INTREN as Regional Vice-President serving the Indianapolis and St. Louis markets. Christina Ernst, CEO of the Miller Construction Company, will join the woman-controlled INTREN Board of Directors, one of the few in America’s utility contractor space.”

INTREN was also involved with the replacement and rebuilding of the playground at Marengo’s Indian Oaks Park in 2017. They provided work crews and materials in erecting the new playground equipment, which arose from fundraisers and community involvement as a project that replaced swings and other activity riggings that had deteriorated and outlived their safety factors.


The Marengo city council approved an amendment to the chapter pertaining to water and sewer rates that establishes an annual adjustment, based on the consumer price index, during its June 11 meeting. The 5-2 vote, with two absentees, allows the increase to take effect for meter readings June 1, for bills due in Aug., and amends the current rates by 1.7 per cent.

The ordinance stipulates that subsequent years will be adjusted by the previous year’s CPI, with an increase of not less than 1 per cent, and not more than 3 per cent. The increase was cited as due to operation and maintenance costs, along with employment and insurance costs.</p>


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